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Clean e-Bhubaneswar

The International Finance Corporation is supporting the city of Bhubaneswar in realising the Clean E-Bhubaneswar Project, a first of its kind collaboration between local government and the private sector to address the mounting challenges of E-Waste in cities. The project serves as a model for full scale E-Waste management in cities across India. The project is being implemented in collaboration with the Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation.

The objectives of the project are:

  • To generate awareness among all stakeholders regarding E-Waste in order to increase collection volumes and encourage responsible recycling
  • To establish an effective collection system that ensures channelization of E-Waste to authorised recyclers and dismantlers
  • To develop a sustainable ecosystem that integrates the private sector, citizens, informal sector and local authorities; and develops appropriate linkages with all stakeholders.


India is the fifth biggest producer of E-Waste and currently generates over 2 million tonnes (Mt) of electronics. However, only 5 percent of E-Waste is currently processed formally, and in a safe manner. When improperly disposed, E-Waste poses a threat not only to the environment but also to human health. Recent national legislation (E-Waste Management Rules, 2016) and the private sector considering E-Waste management a priority gives us a unique opportunity to address the issue for the long term.


As the largest city as well as the capital of Odisha, Bhubaneswar has significant economic and administrative importance in the region. The city witnessed a major rise in utilization of electronic devices over the past decade, and this is further expected to surge, leading to increased E-Waste at the end-of-life of these devices. Under these circumstances, Bhubaneswar is an ideal choice to prove that a collaborative model and practical solution is possible.