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Supporting Renewable Energy

Eco-Cities India Program is supporting the Odisha Renewable Energy Development Agency (OREDA) in the implementation of rooftop solar PV plants in the residential areas of the state through consumer proliferation via process standardization and use of web-based IT solutions.

IFC is also supporting the Odisha Renewable Energy Development Corporation Limited in proliferation of Net Metering model. A specialized web tool has been developed which can be used by residents to submit application for installation of Rooftop Solar project on their respective houses, and the registered vendors can assist the residents in undertaking technical feasibility, cost estimation and also in installation of PV panel on the rooftop. The webtool also makes it easier for residents to apply for permission from DISCOM as well as availing of subsidy. Rigorous training programmes have been held for making the officials, vendors and residents familiar with the webtool.