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Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies

To increase the penetration of green buildings in emerging markets, it is necessary to address certain challenges. A recent innovation addressing such challenges is EDGE (Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies), which was launched to drive the adoption of green building practices in emerging markets.

An innovation of IFC, EDGE is a green building certification system, which offers certification for housing, offices, retail, hospitals, educational institutions and hotels that achieve at least 20 percent reductions in energy, water and the embodied energy of building materials compared to conventional construction. It is a methodology that enables project teams to amend their strategies and construct a more investment-worthy and marketable product. EDGE was institutionalized focusing on the technical aspects of undertaking the most viable path to building green with the purpose of mainstreaming energy and water efficiency principles in building designs.

EDGE is powered by a location-specific data set, which was developed through surveys of actual buildings in cities in over 100 countries. The software takes into account local building codes, usage patterns, utility costs, and climatic data in its assessments. This enables globally relevant but locally sensitive design. Stakeholders can leverage this certification to build a portfolio of innovation that attracts new customers and uplifts brand equity.

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